Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Clover Noir

So my "followers" increase by almost 20% when I DON'T blog? That's backwards math. Or just the internets telling me to keep my blog-hole closed. Hmmm...
Last April I was wrangled into a music project that has, surprisingly, thrilled, challenged and delighted me. A local singer/song writer was looking for a pair of violins to accompany him and enhance his songs. In artsy-fartsy speak "give it an interesting texture."

A couple weekends ago we had our performance debut (If you don't count the pair of open mic nites we went to). And to boot we got a % of the cover and a free pitcher of beer. I can get used to this rock and roll life style.

The groups name is Clover Noir and this song is called "Trust Me."