Friday, April 12, 2013


Last weekend was Girls in the Lou part Tres. A ritual of eating, shopping, eating and drinking for Shannan, Amy and myself. We did a lot of damage.

Cocktails at a fancy schmancy restaurant. The name of this beaut is Grounds for Divorce.

Breakfast the next day! And boy howdy do we know how to chow down. With cocktails.

Mmmmmmm brownie dessert.

And really, shopping doesn't mix too well with the copious amount of food we ate, but SOMEHOW we were still able to pull it off.

Not pictured:

* The other 3 dozen cocktails we had
* The other grossly large meals we ate
* Kris Koster (MO Attorney General I saw at our hotel)
* The Pepper Accident
* Fun Bobby

Can't wait to do it again! Maybe after I detox first, though.