Friday, August 15, 2014

Rocky Mountain Haiku

Nine day vacation
How best to tell the story?
Each day in Haiku

Day 1
Got an early start
Left at a quarter till noon
Only broke down twice

Day 2
Drove up the mountains
Set up camp and pitched the tent
Just in time for rain

Day 3
Off-roading in Jeeps
Dramamine was a god-send
No vomit this year!


Day 4
Hot shower and hot sex
And more rain, rain, rain. rain, rain
followed by more rain

Day 5
Parents get to camp
The rain continues to fall
They rent a cabin

Day 6
Sun shine? What the fuck?
Air out tent and go on hike
"Oh look, more rain clouds."

Day 7
Dad is not impressed
"Why go? A lake is a lake,
a rock is a rock."

Day 8
Finally clear skies
Night perfect for star gazing
Hello Milky Way

Day 9
Sadly homeward bound
Watch the mountains dissapear
Smaller, smaller, gone.