Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday Morning

After getting my passport photo taken at the CVS over my lunch hour, I stopped in at Tuesday Morning. And, may I please state how SHOCKED I was to learn that smiling is no longer accepted for a passport pic. It took EVERY mouth muscle I have to keep a neutral lip when I was looking into the camera. I could feel the corners of my mouth quiver and a spasm of panic every time she took a shot.

I didn't have a specific item, but I knew that if I wandered around the aisles something I had been meaning to buy would appear.

Sure enough, when I came to the next to last aisle (after failing to find my bread pan) I came across the wall of pillows. NEW PILLOWS have been on my list for about a year and I FINALLY remembered at the same time I was in a place to buy pillows. On my way to the register I found my pan. Total effing score. New Pillows AND I'm gonna bake shit.

The Cashier was friendly and perky. "I'm just gonna slip your bread pan between your pillows" almost put me over the edge when she was bagging everything. A big smile and chuckle burst forth. After being forced to be kept straight at the "photo shoot" my smile was working over time.

"My fun pillows?" I half whispered-half asked.

"What was that my dear?"

"Oh, nothing! Thank you!" And out I went with both my new AND naughty pillows.

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