Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cabbage Fest 2011

On my last trip to the Farmers Market, I bought a big head of cabbage. I didn't know at the time that I getting myself into a week's worth of cabbage, and maybe if I had I would have, scared by the idea, put it back, but since I was ignorant - I bought it.

Yesterday I searched for "cabbage" on my favorite recipe spot and found one that I wanted to try.

It was super easy and COOL. Perfect for a hot evening's dinner. I didn't add the coconut flakes (allergic unfortunately because I love me some macaroons and almond joys) and I generously doubled the amount of the spices. Afterwards I decided to add chopped almonds and carrots. Good Call if I do say so myself.

But I still had half of the head left.

Second to BBQ, I miss Chinese food since becoming vegetarian. Sure there are a handful of dishes that I can eat, but.. it isn't the same. So, tonight's dinner, was a stir fry. It is definitely my favorite between the two (not to discount the Raw Salad at all!)

I made it exactly as directed (I went with Balsamic Vinegar, for the record). For all my Meaties out there, adding chicken or shrimp would be easy.

And you know what you guys.... I still have about a fourth of that GIGANTIC cabbage left. It didn't seem THAT big when I bought it. And it isn't like I made one serving of each recipe. I've got leftovers for DAYS.

With all this cabbage intake - I'm a little scared for what I'm in store for over the next few days.


Theoismycat said...

You got your money's worth, at least!!!

Anonymous said...

enjoy your cabbage

Angie said...

I've just finished working my way thru a head of red cabbage and make a yummy pasta dish -- while the pasta is cooking (I used whole wheat penne) saute some onion and thin sliced cabbage. I added red pepper flakes and fennel seed at the beginning, then chopped garlic towards the end. And a splash of red wine vinegar (or a good squeeze of lemon). Add pasta when done, salt and pepper, and fresh grated parm. Oh, I threw some walnuts in there was really good!