Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Don't Eat at Applebee's... Con't.

You guys know I don't like Applebee's. The list starts here. But there's so many more. TOO many more. Each time I believe the slow/real food movement takes root (see what I did there?), there's another AppleHorn Factory popping up. Like a weed. Like a filty, resistant, same-mass-produced-food weed.

Do yourself a flavor favor and do NOT eat at Applebee's. ANY of them.

Cheddar's: Fancy Applebee's

LongHorn Steak House: Cowboy Applebee's

O'Charley's: Irish Applebee's. Oh wait, it's really Mexican?

TGIFridays: Office Space Applebee's

Cracker Barrel: Deliverance Applebee's

Cheesecake Factory: FanciER Applebee's

PF Changs: Asian Applebee's

Boston Market: Cafeteria Applebee's

Ruby Tuesday: I got nothing.

Bob Evans: Everything is Soft Applebee's

Buffalo Wild Wings: If you're going somewhere for the wings, have some respect and go to Hooters.

It should go without saying any establishment with a drive-thru or all-you-can-eat buffet should be avoided. Except Indian buffets. Mmmmmmmmmmindianbuffets.......


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