Monday, January 28, 2008

Mid-Week Weekend Recap OR Unoriginal Post Title

For those of you that believe that there isn't anything fun and different to do in Kansas City, I beg to differ. My weekend offered up a wide variety of activities (BONUS: ALL included booze) and exposure to new people.

For example, Friday I had the extreme privilege to mix and mingle with only the best scuzz Johnson County has to offer at The Roxie (75th & Metcalf). For a small cover ($5, which we got back since the band gave them "their list" later. Have you ever asked for a refund on your cover? Well, let me tell you - it's awkward, but I'm not above it) we enjoyed the drinks and the band. I even did a couple "slut laps" for fun. Ok I lied, I did the slut laps because I'm desperate.

Then the dancing bug bit. And if you're in Overland Park and you're wanting to bust a move, there is only one place to go: Touche's. This fine bar/lounge has a nice dance floor and Newcastle, which, in my book, makes any evening magical, but throw in the "touch of class" that Touche's has (seriously, that's their motto) and you're ready to rock! But you can't rock too hard, other wise someone may break a hip. The average age for a Touche patron is about 45. Give or give about 10 years. But this superficial fact doesn't stop ladies from wearing short, short mini-skirts, sequined halter tops and 4 pounds of makeup. But then again, Zsa Zsa Gabor was their role model. And this isn't saying that the men are any better off. Nooo, sir. I wasn't quite able to discern whether or not the peculiar odor was Old Spice that had expired well before I was born or a "Depends" that had done the same.

My friends and I all had a great time; dancing, drinking and making fun of old people really do make a great Friday night.

Bookending my weekend was a small private "concert" held at someones house Sunday night. A friend is in a band and they wanted to perform some pieces that the 6 of them had been working on. Now I finally know the answer to "What do you get when you put a bass, a violin, a trumpet, a bassoon, 2 clarinets, 2 saxophones and a flute together for a Bjork arrangement?" The answer? "A pretty sweet tune." The beer and wine were flowing freely and it turns out that I knew the host of the party from WAY back... it's a small world.

Kansas City, I love thee. Now stop being such a frigid bitch.


Studio P Photography said...

U maek me laff!

Liz said...

i love it.. and i knew that even though i was witness to this weekend i'd like it even better reading about it on your blog.. yay... you are the coolest.

Natasha said...

You guys are too kind.