Friday, February 1, 2008

1 Is The Loneliest Number

Happy Friday, y'all!

Another week has come and gone, and thankfully I've lived to tell about it. To celebrate today, the 1st of February, I will give you my week recap... brought to you by the number 1. (BONUS GAME: Play this Jeopardy style by envisioning Alex Trebek saying "One" and you answering "What is the number of...." )

  • Times I had to use the treadmill instead of the Elliptical. Will these damn "new year resolutioners" never die? Quit already!!
  • Times I washed my hair. Seriously. But, my hair is STILL better than yours.
  • Chapters of "Jane Eyre" I read. I'm a slow reader.
  • Dollars I gave to support the "Spaghetti Lunch" at work next Friday. I'm not even going to eat it, but I couldn't not give. I'm the new girl. I've already been told I should bring in some personal pictures and such for my desk, to which I responded "How many pieces of flare would you like me to have?" They didn't get/appreciate that.
  • Times I overwrote the wrong database on the development server. Oops.
  • Pounds I lost.
  • Times I fell asleep in the bathroom stall at work. The times I attempted to fall asleep in the bathroom stall at work is a much higher number.
  • Number of co-workers I blessed (after sneezing) via IM.
  • Persons added to my & Athena's Colorado Getaway.
  • Number of baby girls Shannan found out she will be having.
  • Number of managers that stayed home yesterday to deal with his "squirrel infestation" in his attic.
  • Number of light bulbs I replaced in my bathroom.

Sorry - none of you are eligible for Final Jeopardy. Hopefully next week you'll do better. Have a great weekend everyone, except if you're rooting for New York.

P.S. GO PATS!!!!!

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Liz said...

dude.. i just posted a comment and it didn't work.. dammit.. oh wait.. i forgot about that damn visual verification thing.. except i saw a special on pbs about how people are creating electronic copies of books and other documents by taking the scanned pieces and any words that aren't recognized are used for these things so people end up typing them in.. wow..

anyway, i'm going to cheer for the giants.. i always go for the underdog.. stupid patriots.. haha.. should we wear pigtails on sunday??? i'll get green ribbons and you can have blue...