Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain!

This week I am getting ready for my long weekend getaway in Colorado. So, naturally, this means that I am doing as little work possible. Uh, I mean... that... I am unable to get as much work done as I would like. Yeah... that's it!

My awesome friend, Athena, and I are making the trek to Lyons Colorado to stay in a quaint little cabin for 4 days and 3 nights. And while we may be in one of the most serene settings that there is, debauchery will be had. And to make sure all our bases (asses) are covered and in the event that I am unable to defend myself when (if) we come (make it) back, there are a few things (accusations) that need to be cleared up... ahead of time.

1. That Park ranger was asking for it.

2. I was fairly certain that along with the higher altitude, my alcohol tolerance would have increased. So, none of "the incident" is really my fault.

3. But it's always happy hour in the Mountain Time Zone.

4. Now I know that Rocky Mountain National Park doesn't allow that.

5. Yes, those outfits were my idea.

When we get back, I think everyone will be surprised with my sence of clairvoyance.


Stevester said...

Watch out for the Brown Bear! Sleep on your stom- wait, that will only get you raped quicker... take turns sleeping!

"And there should be a..."

Liz said...

i'm so jealous. Ingrid already pissed me off and its only 9:30! ugh! vacation sounds heavenly.. have fun.