Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bottoms Up

In celebration of my phone interview going well and the subsequent in person interview that was scheduled, Athena and I did a few shots of Vodka tonight. This may seem like no big deal to most of you. I, however, have been choosing the dry road lately (no fear, I'm not insane... there is a bikini I have to fit into by July). I've always been a cheap drunk, which is rather convenient since this leaves more money for shoes and clothes. So needless to say the TWO (2) shots that I [expertly] threw down the hatch did the trick. I'm so sleepy now.

Nily - I know I have been neglecting the blog... which means you have no entertainment at work. It isn't like there is actually testing that needs to go on in the city's water lab, so I understand that I am failing you as a little sister.

Oh, and today I had to attend some "change control" task force meeting where my sole responsibility is to warm the chair closest to the window. I did chime in today and I felt like that one guy from the FedEx commercial a few years back where he made one contribution ("Hey, why don't we use FedEx for all our shipping needs") and that was the apex of his professional career. My gem?

"We need to come away from this with more than an idea, we actually have to do something."

Apparently this was news to the team because they all thought it was a great point.

Maybe it isn't the vodka making my head hurt...


Stevester said...

Does Nily work at the poopy plant at Blue River? I have like 3 family members down there (seriously). Congrats on the interview, and thanks for the info on how much of an alcohol tolerance you have, I am not sure why but it seems like info I might want to know later...High Five!

It's funny, at meetings here I eat a donut or two and then kind of doze for the rest of the meeting, unless I have my gameboy with me, then I actually look productive or like I am masturbating furiously under the table (which I also do at meetings), so...

rubigimlet said...

sent your blog to my friend shan at perceptive. i'm confident that he will love it and consequently put in a good word for you. and i told him you have big tots which also can't hurt. good luck!!