Friday, May 9, 2008

Prank Pennies

I let Molly, a co-worker, borrow 60 cents for a Coke. I told her it wasn't a big deal about paying me back. However, since she is cool and funny, I would sometimes give her shit about paying me back. I even created a fake email account "YouOweMe60Cents" with the name "Soda Pop" and would send her harassing emails.

This all stopped when I came in one morning and saw my desk had sprouted freckles. Upon closer inspection, I realized that they were pennies. 60 of them. Numbered with a Sharpie to ensure an exact count. And while the majority of them were scattered on my desk surface, there were some that were hidden. A few of my favorite spots were: under the hand set of my phone, in-between papers in my "out" box and in the tape dispenser.

Good times, Molly, good times. I will miss you when I leave.

Please ignore the giant thermos (for coffee I bring in form home since the scalding hot brown water here just doesn't cut it) and my applesauce. No, I am not a toddler, but I do love me some applesauce.

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