Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What a Racquet!

Thought I'd share a funny email exchange.....

There was a Buy/Sell/Trade Bulletin Board at work and someone had posted that their tennis racquet was for sell. This individual went on for over a full paragraph about how wonderful his racquet was and how good the racquet had been to him, but that it was just time to sell her, however painful, and move on.

The following email exchange takes place:

MyHairIsBetterThanYours: I don't play tennis, but I want your racquet.

MyRacquetIsBetterThanYours: You have $30?

Hair: I am not going to buy your racquet

Racquet: :( dang

Hair: You just made the racquet sound NECESSARY in my life, I want it.

Racquet: Good!!! You have $30?

Hair: I am not buying your racquet.

Racquet: I tell you what....I will let you touch it, see how it feels, take a couple swings, feel the power of it. You will buy it then, I know you will buy it then.

Hair: I am not looking for a long term.... racquet. Maybe one or two swings, that is all.

Racquet: You said you wanted, now you only want it for a little while? Tell me that makes sense and I'll tell you pigs fly out of my butt.

Hair: I said I wanted it. I never specified for how long.

Racquet: ohhh, ok. So you are the type of person who likes something and wants something, but once that something gets used, abused, and old, you get rid of it? Is that what I am hearing? I love her, I just want to give her to someone who is going to love her like I did ya know. Someone who is going to treat her right, sleep with her when it gets to cold for her to stay in the car. Someone who is going to cherish the memories, the good and the bad. Can you do that? Can you be that someone?

Hair: I am afraid not. I'll show the racquet a really good time for a while. It will feel like it is on top of the world. I'll smile every time I see it, take it places it's never been before and let it fall in love with me. But, alas, I will begin to grow restless with the racquet, I will begin to resent the racquet for "holding me back" and for not letting "me be me." I will tell the racquet that I never should have let things go this far, and that it isn't the racquet, it is me. The racquet will be crushed, try to make it work, but there just won't be anything the racquet can do. And while the racquet and I will be good together, great even, I will not be able to give it what it deserves.

Racquet: WHO DOES THAT??? I mean, who plans out a relationship? I mean, has the world gone to a place where the bird can't spread his wings and fly. Have we mistakenly misplaced our hopes and dreams? When we try to find them in the dark, do we get the worst of us; failure and misery? It is this that makes me saddened by the hardships, trials and tribulations, and hopelessness of things not seen. But when we turn on the light, when we begin to see the glory of the day when we live and can posses what we know will make us virtuous and true, it is then, and only then when we can negate the cycle of thinking past what we know, live in the present, and let whatever happen, happen.

Hair: I'm not buying your racquet.

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Stevester said...

Ahh, therapy fron the unwitting participant. Nay, the best kind methinks!