Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mommy Dearest

One of my newest hobbies is learning to read Tarot Cards. My friend Athena has been reading for many, many years and is mentoring me. I was surprised, to say the very least, for this new practice to be warmly accepted by BOTH of my parents and both were game when I read their cards last Sunday.

I had dinner with them yesterday and my mom asked if I had brought my cards with me because she had a question for them. After cleaning up, we sat around the table and I shuffled the cards while I had her concentrate on her question.

"Where is the earring that I lost this morning?"

.............this is just one of the countless reasons why I love my mom.

For the curious crowd, the cards said that she'll stumble across it while she's not looking for it.... so stay tuned to find out where (and if) it shows up.

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