Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Inspector MHIBTY

Monday morning I found a money clip right by my car. The clip was actually in a vinyl cooler/lunch box thing and was the most valuable item compared to the empty beer can and a pair of metal tongs also in the case. Since this is how so many of my dreams begin, I quickly started looking for John Krasinski, all tingly with excitement that hopefully my dream would FINALLY come to fruition.

I took the money clip and resolved to track down the owner. There was $12, an ID and 5 credit cards. The potential for serious fun was astronomical. Alas, since John Krasinski was not there to pound (the importance of reliable office supplies home to) me , I knew this was not a dream, so I had to be a responsible, moral stricken citizen.

Go Go Gadget skates!

411 didn't have a number for A.B.B. (I'll use his initials. I'll give this guy a break since he's already avoided one scrape with Identify Theft) and neither did the operator. NADA found in the White pages or on the Internet. I had called his credit cards customer service numbers trying to get a modicum of information on this guy. NOTHING. After going threw an automated menu and finding out that one of the credit cards had a $10,000 (TEN THOUSAND!!!!) limit, I noticed the company logo on the front of it. It is for a local Sports Venue Architecture firm. I can call the office! But it was Labor Day. My hopes weren't high, but at least it was something.
I call a couple of numbers and the second one gave me the option to dial an employees extension via their name. JACKPOT! I dial, the phone rings, HE PICKS UP!!! I quickly explain who I am and why I am calling. He seems unphased by the whole ordeal, but thanks me. We agree to meet.

We eventually meet up for the hand-off and we exchange stories - how he lost it and how/where I found it and how I tracked him down. He seemed impressed by my investigative skillz and grateful that he didn't have to cancel all his credit cards. I was impressed that he was much cuter than his drivers license would have had me believe.

So maybe if I play my cards right this WILL end like all my other dreams..... Go Go Gadget Giggity!

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