Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How YOU doin'?

A play in one act

The Scene: The produce department at the local grocery store
The Characters: Me. Random older, skeevy guy

::curtain rises and Natasha is selecting bell peppers for what will be the most spectacular chili she's ever made. Random older, skeevy guy rolls shopping cart right up behind Natasha::

ROSG: I just bought $34 worth of crab legs.

::Natasha looks around and realizes that ROSG is talking to her::

Natasha: That's a lot of crab.

ROSG: I'll need help eating it. ::wink::

Natasha:: I'm allergic. (Director's Note: Natasha is NOT allergic)

::Natasha turns back to the bell peppers::

::Curtain falls::

SERIOUSLY? Seriously. What is up with that guy? And what is up with almost every guy (all 3 of them) that hit on me? There is Crabby, the "Hey, hey, hey, hey......HEY!" guy from the gas station parking lot. That looked something like this...

::Natasha walking from her car in to the gas station::

Guy in gas station parking lot: Hey, hey, hey, hey........HEY!!!!

::Natasha continues walking::

Guy: So that's how you are?

And let's not forget the guy that would "BAA" at me and tell me that my hair reminded him of a sheep's wool.

Oh wait. That was my ex-husband.

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Stevester said...

I was saying hey so you would realize it was me and come rescue me from Norm!