Monday, September 8, 2008

Twinkle Toes

After a summer of not taking any dance classes, my ballet classes start up again tonight!

And I am SO excited. You could say that I am so excited I could spit! But, since I am a lady and you know that I never stoop to unbecoming behavior, you would NOT say that. But you also know that I am lying about that, so go ahead and say it.

Yes! Ballet! Just one of the many ways I am regressing back into my childhood because being an adult is for the birds and I, just frankly, rather not be. An adult OR a bird. Oh, except for the part where I live alone, don't have a curfew and don't have to ask permission before eating the last of the worms.

In addition to ballet I have, recently, read a Bernstein Bear book, mooched a HUGE bowl of Fruit Loops off a friend, Netflixed Mary Poppins.

Regression is 74% complete.

1 comment:

shan said...

Yay! Aine started her lessons today, too!