Thursday, September 25, 2008

Me vs Kelly from The Office

If The Office isn't one of your favorite shows, then please save me the trouble and go ahead and punch yourself in the throat. I am SO excited for the hour long premier tonight! I have spent the last 2 months catching up on the seasons I have missed. I certainly got my $17.99/month worth out of Netflix. Socializing with real people was a sacrifice I made to catch up on the sordid affairs of The Office. Lack of sleep was something I gladly succumbed to if that meant I got to watch one more episode where Jim tried to work up the nerve to ask Pam on a date. However, to see Dwight without his shirt on was something I would have rather not seen.

ANYWAY - today we've been playing "What Character from The Office Are You" in my office. I have been labeled my office's "Kelly." This was a blow. Kelly isn't my favorite character. She's shallow, noisy, talks a lot and gives second generation foreigners a bad name.

And that is why I am my office's Kelly.

At first I wanted to be Pam. Pam is cute and sweet, has curly hair and lands a GREAT guy. But then it was explained to me that...

1. Kelly speaks in Webcronyms.
OMG - Guilty.

2. Kelly always has some man obsession going on that she doesn't shut up about.
Check. See previous post.

3. Kelly sat next to and annoys a guy named Ryan.
Double Check.

4. Kelly is foreign.

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The Mulletin Board said...

Let's not forget, Kelly sits next to Ryan (check), Kelly hates dieting but does it anyway (check), and she likes wearing purple (check).

Love, IRL Kelly