Monday, September 29, 2008

Roundin' the bases.... (OH!)

Happy effing Monday everybody. I hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather here in KC was phenomenal. I appreciate the giant "hug" God is giving us right now, but I'd really appreciate being able to turn off of my air conditioning.

Quick favor - if anyone has any information on a player named Nick the Royals, allegedly, signed recently... I'd appreciate it. I'm not sure his last name. It might be Purdy. But I don't *think* that Nick Purdy is the one I need information on.

My interest transcends my home town pride and support for my boys in blue. As some of you may know, my love for baseball runs deep, however, my love for baseball players run deeper.

See.... what had happened was.....

A few weeks ago, at Yoga, there was a hot guy there that appeared to be straight, NOT there with a girlfriend and under the age of 40. The proverbial holy grail. Now - I would have PROBABLY approached Mr. Hottie Yoga even if I hadn't found out what I found out on Saturday. But, now that I know what I know... I'll just have to move with more earnest.

ALLEGEDLY he just signed on with the Royals.

I'm at a loss. This could have the potential to be the best news of my autumn. Ever since I fell in love with Chipper Jones in 1997, I've wanted a baseball player of my very own. When I'd volunteer to take my brothers to baseball games - I had ulterior motives. And those motives usually came in the form of the pitcher. I even snuck out of my parents house in a pseudo-blizzard, during my youth, to make it to a Chad Durbin autograph signing at the Price Chopper.

So, yeah, I have a things for baseball players.

Couple that with the fact he's into Hot Yoga and I'm helpless.

Someone please help me.

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