Friday, September 25, 2009

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Health Care

It's not my best or most talked about trait, but I've often shared that my immune system is as strong as a Dollar Tree brand single-ply facial tissue. Through my own account or by accident, I've come to have a colorful health care grade card. There have been amusing aliments, but there have been a couple of not-so-fun spells and spills too.

But never, ever, ever have I worried about whether or not I could go see a doctor if need be.

I have 8 days left in my "retro-active" COBRA period (not that I could afford it, anyway). After that, I'm not sure what's going to happen. Not to convolute the point, but I know jack shit about what COBRA is and how it works - so - regardless of IF something happens, my health care plan consists of my stockpile of over-the-counter cold medications, vitamins, band aids and a heating pad with a safety-off switch.

What a fantastic system we have. As a 26 year old, I have been paying into the "sick-care" system my entire adult life. But that means bupkiss now that I am unemployed and don't have coverage. The only option I have is the ER at Truman Medical, the local "poor" hospital, that will not charge for services if you're unemployed. However, I don't feel justified going to the ER with any non-emergency sort of ache, bug or infirmity.

I hope, believe and am personally willing Congress to get this health care thing right. As a citizen of this country, my health and quality of care, if I do get sick, should not be predetermined by my employer's health benefits plan (or lack there of!). On the other side of the coin, I don't think that businesses should shoulder the burden of benefits costs alone (and passing it on to their employees isn't gonna fly either). There is better way.

I would be passionate about this issue even if I still had employer provided coverage, I've never been a fan of the insurance based system we have now. There are too many stories and situations more sad and tragic than mine for me to feel sorry for myself, what I do feel is outrage and disgust. Outraged that if I do get a cold, I'll have to stab my self (again) to be able to be admitted to the ER. Disgusted, because, last time that happened I saw the inside of my finger and almost ralphed.

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Stevester said...

The sad thing is most of the countries the United States thumbs it's nose at (Spain, Cuba, Canada, probably Mexico, etc) have universal healthcare, and if given a choice your average American would gladly wait the entirely blown-out-of-proportion waiting period rather than the alternative for over 45 million Americans now, which is get absolutely nothing. If you haven't seen it, watch SiCKO, if you can stomach looking at the gnarled visage that is Michael Moore (I personally love his work) it really is an eye opener.

It's an out and out disgrace that in the "greatest country on earth" (and sincerely, the only people who can say that with any certainty had to have, you know, LIVED in other countries) cannot afford to feed it's own people, clothe them or give them access to basic medical coverage, or allow us to be bent over the proverbial barrel so these insurance and medical companies can continue making obscene profits while we suffer and die...

*looking around* uh, I mean.... um.... cock!