Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Observations of the Unemployed

Day 41

Time is of no consequence.

Seriously. I'm never quite sure which day it is during the week, I have to "guesstimate" it. I only know that it's the weekend when my friends with jobs call wanting to hang out past 9PM.

I stayed up late last night, I couldn't tell you what the clock read when I finally went to bed, but this morning I woke up feeling EXTRA refreshed.... because it was 10:50. Regardless, I still made a pot of coffee.

But, hopefully, there won't be too many installations of "Observations of the Unemployed." I had a phone interview that went really well yesterday and was asked to come in on Wednesday for an in person interview. So, wish me luck!

Wednesday is tomorrow, right?


Stevester said...

Good luck! Seriously, EVERY in person interview I have gone too I have been offered the job, and that goes for me and most of the people I know, so usually the in person interview is just to make sure you are not weird or a drunkard. Just do like I do and go in with your pants down, point at your junk and be all like "Eh? WHaddya think of that!" Then allow for touching and question time. Good luck, seriously though, remember I am an excellent reference, and I promise to not send them any pics of me in the tutu to sway their decision!

Natasha said...

Thanks Brown Bear. The interview went really well and he said he'd let me know something, either way, by tomorrow. Fingers crossed!