Friday, April 11, 2008

Yo, Lizzy, It's your birthday!

Well, aside from stabbing myself on Sunday and celebrating Liz's birthday last night by going dancing at a bar with a live Reggae band, I've got nothing to report folks.

Oh, except that I cut the same finger that I stabbed the other night. Those that know me can attest to my love for wrapping. Gifts, that is. Christmas for me is like one big, gigantic wrapping-orgasmo fest with paper, ribbon, bows and clear satin finish tape! As I was (hand-making, naturally) the curly ribbon bow the size of a small cantaloupe to place a top one of Liz's gifts, I sliced my middle knuckle. I do feel the need to defend myself on this one, I am pretty sure this laceration wouldn't have occurred if I hadn't been stabbed.

From now on I am going to tell the story like I stabbed myself on purpose to give myself higher street cred a la 50 cent. Don't mess with me.

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