Monday, July 7, 2008

Tornado Warning

Above is a map demonstrating the delicate and slightly scary situation Liz and I found ourselves in on our way home yesterday.


After surviving the Boji Boys this weekend (stories to come...) I thought that I was invincible and that I can hang with the best of them. Mother Nature saw how cocky I was getting and she had to throw down an effing tornado in my lap to put me into Check.

Damn, Mother Nature. One minute you're sunny outside and I am thinking that I am going to make good time even after the Phone Fiasco* and the next minute it's pitch black outside and the menacing clouds have moved in. I barely had time to kick my windshield wipers into high gear to turn on my hazards... because I should probably turn them on since the car 10 feet in front of me has them on and I can hardly make the guy out.

After debating for a few minutes on the merits of which is safer (driving 5 MPH on a highway vs. pulling onto the shoulder of the highway), I pulled over. And stayed there for an hour. We were FINALLY able to find a radio station that was giving weather updates. Actually, they didn't really update us on anything; everything they were telling us we already knew! "It's raining really heavy outside. Stay inside! There are strong winds. Take cover immediately! The environment is ripe for tornadic activity. OH, THIS JUST IN... There has been a confirmed tornado touchdown in Stone State Park. More Weather after God Smack!!!"

No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not God Smack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*We were 30 minutes out and I realized I had left my phone....

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