Friday, March 6, 2009

Sergei......Ser-GHEY if you ask me.

I succumbed to internal pressures and created an online dating profile a couple of weeks ago. And while I’ve had a couple of exchanges with some lads, none have been this… well, you can chose your own adjective.

Back story. Boy emails Girl - they have a witty exchange. Flirtatious, even. They agree to meet. On the fly, Tuesday, he asks her to meet up at this store she recommend he go to "Ok, I'll call you when I am leaving work."

So I do. Since I told him I was going to call him at 5 and could meet him at 5:10, I called. He says he's “currently at a bookstore across town” and “would get there too late and wouldn't want me to wait” and blah blah blah.... whatever. He asks if he could call me later. Sure. Whatever. Kinda rude, but whatever.

I head home to work on my picture framing project (I can't wait to finish and show you guys...) and he calls around 5:30 and is all apologies. He continues on about still wanting to meet up tonight, to which I'm like "ok dude, that's fine" and he says to meet up at the Broadway Cafe which totally works for me since it's in my neighborhood.

And this is the strange part.

He says "Well, it's rush hour now, so, I'm going to head home and wait for traffic to dissipate and then give you a call and we can meet up."

Um. What???? "OK" is what came out of my mouth, but the whole thing made little sense.

7 o'clock rolls around and I hadn't received word. I went to Liz's place downstairs and we talk about it for a minute... talk about other things .... and then realized that we still had our Valentines Wine... so we busted that out. And then we decided to go to the Record Bar and continue drinking and to dance. And then at 8 fvcking 30, I get a text "Hey Natasha..."


at 9, after getting ready and a bit more drunk, I respond "hey, I'm on my way out. I am so sad we did not have the chance to meet up this evening."

His response: I know I'm sorry it didn't work out, perhaps another day?

Natasha's response: Perhaps.

The End. I haven't spoken to him since, and honestly, this guy can go blow himself. How weird are you with the whole "not driving in traffic thing" and also how RUDE are you to stand me up for a simple cup of coffee? Next.

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