Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shout Outs Haiku Style

Carey saved my life
Her French press makes good coffee
Damn, she is married

Megan’s feet still hurt
Dance dance dance dance dance dance dance
Limp home with sore toes

Can’t wait for Nily
Big sister coming to town
We’re gonna rock it

Tammy needs diet
New nickname, fittingly: Tammu
Bye bye Fat Tammy!

Sarah hates Chicos
Lets initiate HotB.A.C.
Plan B: scrote attack!

Shea proposed marriage
She bought me for 2 chickens
My parents agreed

Jennie's got a girl
So happy my friend's in love
Lesbo's move so fast

Becky - I love you!
Spaghetti dinner; call me
Eat our weight in noodles

Run Run, Amy, Run
Thirteen point one mile? EASY!
Drag me to the finish

Daniel. St. Pat's Day
Drink waaaay too much, crash on couch
Looking forward, bro!

Liz, thanks for the gift
Works perfect, better even
Girl - you got my back

Shannan, oh babies!
Scarlett, Simon and Gavin
Kiss them for me please


Liz said...

Awesome Natasha,
what talent, what style, what hair,
God you rock so hard

mchannell said...

they do hurt...but feeling better...:) i love having a recurring spot in your blogs...*warm and fuzzy*...

Kanadka said...

Tammu is only here for a limited time! After that, it will be time for a new nickname. Also...2 chickens? Shea only paid one chicken for me!

rubigimlet said...

i'm not a hater, contrary to my haiku and the fact that i'm going to state that there a clearly superior hiaku in this lot and, paradoxical to it's fabulousness, it contains a reference to Chico's.

Best. Post. Evar.