Monday, May 18, 2009

The father, the son and... the toilet paper

Here at MHIBTY, if it happens in the bathroom – it happens on this blog.

Recently I noticed a change in the bathroom toilet paper at work. As of last week, the toilet paper used was “Heavenly Soft.” I never took much notice. It did the job. But that’s changed and now the TP used is one called “Ever Soft.”

This got me to thinking. What prompted the change? Was someone offended by the toilet paper and the implications that Jesus was wiping their ass? Does it violate the US constitution to bring religion in to the bathroom at a place of work? Separation of Church and Ass?

Or maybe they just found a way to save some pennies and this toilet paper is cheaper than “Heavenly Soft.” Obviously, “Ever Soft” doesn’t have any indulgences pay built into the price.

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Stevester said...

... the ladies bathroom has toilet paper?! The men's room in most establishments just has a sheet of brown wrapping paper, and some of the lower places just have an old shirt that everyone shares... at least the ladies room has no soap or running water... *guy whispers in my ear*... excuse me I've just been told ladies bathrooms have all of those things...