Friday, May 22, 2009

You know you're having a rough morning when...

... you hit the "Save" button in Word and become confused why your iTunes music didn't start playing. And then you stare it. And 5 seconds later you realize you hit Save... in Word... and THAT is why your music didn't start.

I stayed out way past my bedtime with my friend Jennie. Lesbian drama was abound. Good times. I met a local artist named Alex Hamil and ::gasp:: Megan - he knows Richard!!! Kinda. He invited me to his First Friday show on June 5 and said he'd try to wrangle him to show up.


Ok, let's see how I get through this day. I'm going to Target over my lunch break to try to find a swimsuit. Not sure which will turn out being more painful; getting up this morning or that.

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Sairen said...

Oh, god I HATE swimsuit shopping. It is probably THE most painful a woman can go through. The fluorescent lights and those mirrors...and all the failure before you find the right one (if you find the right one)... buying jeans is close, but at least jeans don't expose quite so much skin. Good luck - hope you find something fabulous!