Thursday, July 30, 2009

I moved

After 27 months in the apartment I had only intended to be in for 6, I moved. I didn't mean to but I ended up falling in love with the little space (despite it being an oven) and the life I cultivated there. I knew this day would come, and I swore the day I moved in that I was hiring movers when I leave. Which, I did... or rather my dad did. He knew he'd get suckered into helping me move out if he didn't. Well played, dad. More on the movers later.

I'm still in the same neighborhood. Still within walking distance to all the usual suspects and locations, but it's going to take some time to get used to some things.

For example...

Having a hallway
FREE washer and dryer on site
Central air
A full size oven and fridge
A front and back porch
...and a having a roommate!

My Brother Daniel and his pup, Troy, are moving in this Saturday.

Troy the Pup - as a Pup.

Living with the younger Bro will be awesome. We've already made our expectations crystal clear: no cats allowed and the bar will be stocked at all times. AND he's ponying up for cable!
I've been in the house all alone this week. It's definitely taking some getting use to. Yesterday I almost missed a call because I didn't get to my phone fast enough. I had to bound thru the kitchen and dining room to answer it. In my old place, my phone was always within reach REGARDLESS of where both it or I was.

So, yeah, I moved last Saturday and my dad arranged for movers to do all the grunt work. When I booked them, the earliest time slot they had was 11am - 1pm. Me, being the optimist, was ready at 10:30AM. My mom came over to help around that time and we sat.... and waited.... for 3 hours.

Even though they were late, all in all, they did a good job. 24 stairs up and 24 stairs down isn't easy work in July. Though, the "leader," Ben, kept referring to this Klimt piece (The Maiden) I have as porn.

Why? It must have been the bare breasts. Awesome. Later on he asked me if I "...had a boyfriend....or a girlfriend? You never know!"

I didn't bother to clarify or tell him I wasn't into girls (even though I'm sure his imagination was running wild after seeing The Maiden AND catching a glimpse of my copy "The Guide to Getting It On."), I just smiled and vaguely said "No, I don't." After that, this guy did ANYTHING I asked. Take apart and re-assemble my bed frame and head board? Done. Move the china cabinet 3 times because I couldn't decide where I wanted it? Done! Stop the clock after 3 hours, even though they were still working? Yup, did that too.

My mom stuck around for a couple of hours and we unpacked the kitchen and the Library...

Isn't it so pretty???

Every body's house-warming invitation is in the mail!

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Kanadka said...

Um, Troy is f'ing cute!