Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blood is the new Toilet Paper

After this past weekend and having to piss in the woods, I thought I was beyond bathroom gross out. I mean, once you squat 6 inches above a patch of dirt to relieve yourself you think "This is natural. It's just a little bit of pee. Aaaahhhhh, this feels really good."

It's been established that some people can be really FUCKING gross in the bathroom here and here.

"Natasha," you ask "if you've witnessed so many gross things in the bathroom, what else is left to gross you out?"

Well. I will tell you.

First things first. Carey witnessed this too, therefore this bathroom injustice can be corroborated. I am NOT making this shit up.

Or should I say, I'm not making this BLOOD up.

Yup. That's right. Right there on the toilet seat. Blood. A nice little puddle. Just hanging out on the toilet seat. Sitting there like it's waiting to be collected as evidence for some CSI: Kansas City Forensics investigator. Totally effing gross. I hope that all of my male readers just threw up a little in their mouth.

Carey and I have two theories. First one is that Toilet-Paper-Wad-Leaver is back in action and has graduated to leaving more gross, more disgusting things OR someone got into a fight with a gang of bathroom ninjas and escaped with just a bloody nose and a little splatter got on the toilet seat.

We're really, REALLY hoping for the second scenario.

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Kanadka said...

The bathroom on the second floor is not much better - totally disgusting!!! I feel sorry for Isabelle - she has to clean that up.