Thursday, June 25, 2009

A hot and sweaty night...

A storm brewed Tuesday night. It rolled in on yellow and grey clouds and ambushed the metro area with strong winds, claps of thunder & lightning and a down pour of rain. It would have been really fucking cool if it hadn’t knocked the power out.

Some history…

I love my apartment. It’s in a really, really old building. I have window units. The landlord lent me one to use in the bedroom when I moved in, in the early spring, over two years ago. Fast forward to the beginning of (a Kansas City) summer and I was M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E. My apartment traps heat, holds on to it and will not let go. I’m on the 3rd floor of a 3 story building with a flat, black tar roof, in the southeast corner. With no shade. It is literally an oven. My first summer there I remember the apex of my misery was when I was trying to sleep, naked, spread eagle with several wet wash clothes on me, 3 fans AND the small window unit going.

And I was still suffering. My friend, Caleb, was able to eventually give me his bad ass, old school window unit (the one setting is “artic”), but in the meantime, I had to sleep at my parents house because sleeping at my place was impossible. It was just too fucking hot.

After the second window was installed in the living room, my apartment unit became an ice box. My choices were to either bake or freeze, I chose freeze.

So… two nights ago, after I had turned out the lights and began to enjoy my sheets as only a grown, single lady CAN enjoy her new sheets… you can imagine my fear/nausea/heartbreak when the power went out.

I figured I had about 5 minutes before the heat began to set in. I was wrong. It was about 2. I pried open the bedroom window not occupied by an AC unit (which is hard to do since my windows like to melt shut in the heat) and prayed for a breeze. A small one danced in and out and after an hour of being unbearably uncomfortable, I feel asleep.

The power came back on some time while I was asleep, so I am very thankful for that. However, I woke up feeling cheated out of my first night with you, Sheets. Like having sex for the first time, I said to myself “well, that wasn’t bad… but, I think it can a much more fulfilling and satisfying experience…. For BOTH of us.”

It wasn’t your fault, Sheets, and it wasn’t mine either. It was out of our control Tuesday night.

But we more than made up for it last night. ;)

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Stevester said...

Your bed has sheets?! I sleep on a urine stained newspaper in the corner of our basement, gnawing angrily on the head of a dead fish, a growl that should be menacing but is sadly pathetic emanating my once proud jowls as I bask in my own melancholy, only waiting for football season to start...