Monday, June 15, 2009

Girls in the Lou Part Deux

The aim of this post isn’t to underplay how wonderful and fun my weekend was with Shannan and Amy, but rather to emphasize how freaking FANTASTIC Amy’s sheets are.

Giiiiiirl. Friend.

Those were some nice sheets.

Seriously. I have slept on some luxurious sheets in my time (I have done other things on luxurious sheets too if you know what I mean…like…read the bible…), and I would be remiss if I didn’t put these sheets in the top 3 of the Best-God-Damn-Sheets EVER list. (Maybe I shouldn’t say God Damn if I want people to believe my bible lie.) A little perspective: I sleep on 1000 (three zeros) cotton thread count sheets…. And these make my sheets feel like sandpaper. Ok, maybe not sandpaper, but they certainly put my sheets to shame and I am now looking for one those 20% coupons to BBB we all get in the mail.

I, on more than one occasion, had to restrain myself from ripping off all my clothes and rolling around in the Sheets-of-Wonder with reckless abandon. I didn’t (Amy, you still might want to wash your sheets).

Every morsel of food, every ounce of booze and every writhe of laughter shared among us would have been enough to cement this weekend as a fantastic Girls in the Lou Weekend; but those sheets…. sigh.

Oh, and aren’t we all so pretty?


Katie said...

I've become a total sheet snob ever since I bought my first set several years ago! Those are the *only* sheets I will ever have in my entire life. I LOVE them!!

MerciBlahBlah said...

No sheet - those were some GOOD ones!!! Loves you!

Natasha said...

Here's to hoping they never discontinue them, Katie. That would be most tragic.

amy * stem * said...

Discontinue them? Hush your mouth. Don't even joke about such things.

(I'll have to remind you to remind me to remind me to send you some BuhBuhBuh coups)


Stevester said...

Totally has nothing to do with the post, but you have some GUNS! I would be selling tickets to that gun show! My word verification is "ponable" which is very close to "bonable" which is a classy description.