Friday, September 10, 2010

Cough. cough.

You know that pleghmy, dry, hoarse, crackly, whisky tango hack you have to clear from your throat after muttering "hel-" first thing after waking up some morning before finishing "-lo?" This cough is usually preceding a night of drinking or smoking or drinking AND smoking? Or being 80 years old? You know... THAT coughing sound? My blog just made that sound.

::clears throat::

Hey youuuuu guuuuuys!!!!!!!! How's it been? Since 97% of you actually know me, I don't have to do a lot of explaining of where I've been and what the heck has been up. Suffice it to say... shit has gone DOWN and I have not been keeping record of it. People got married! (not me) People are having babies! (not me) People are moving! (this one's me!!!) And I'm tired of saying "I miss blogging." Because the only thing more lame than keeping a blog about one's mos-guided adventures of young single lady life... is to MISS blogging about it. Sad.

So, to catch you up to speed - Liz is a mom to be! Brooke and Rob got married (yours truly presiding over the ceremony in the back booth of Gilhoulys) and I'm moving to an adorable apartment a mere 4 blocks away.

Ok, I know, I know that doesn't actually catch you up with all that's been going on - but that's all you need to know for the foreseeable future. But right now I am going to go finish my cocktail on my porch and watch the huge thunderstorm roll in and enjoy my last Friday night on my porch.

Oh, and my hair is super short* now. *short for me


MerciBlahBlah said...

what da HAIL????? Who are YOU?! I so 'cited to see you're blogging again! Perhaps my word verification says it best:



Carey said...

Shut the front door - can it really be MHIBTY? Glad you're back - and the hair is supafly.