Thursday, September 23, 2010

YOU pick

Two separate interactions with co-workers this week gave me pause. Both exchanged momentarily stunned me; because while I had fully understood what they were saying/doing I was also literally paralyzed because I wasn't entirely sure how to respond.

The First

The first was while I was making my salad for lunch. Something I do 4 days a week. I am fairly confident that I have a nickname around the office centering around my daily salads like "Veg-head," "Salad McLettuce McGee" or "That chick that eats a fucking salad every fucking day." So, needless to say, this is my regular lunch routine.

Where was I? Oh, ok, I'm making my salad and someone comes up to me says "Hey, can I have some of that?" With half a tomato in one hand and a knife in the other, I look up at him and could only get "uuuuuh???...." and point to my bowl of lettuce and half chopped pile of vegetables.

"Yeah can I...???"

"Have some of my lunch???" I ask him.

My boss, who has witnessed the entire scene play out, walks away laughing and burst up when she rounds the corner. "Her SALAD!!!" I hear her cackle.

The Second

Chatting (via IM) with a co-worker about totally work related stuff then it takes a "knotty" turn. (Paraphrased)

Me: blah blah blah... computer settings! yadda yadda yadda Software Testing ROCKS!

Her: So... Boyfriend? Girlfriend?

Me: Neither.

Her: You go girl! You're an strong, smart, independent woman and you don't need a man! Except to reach things up high.

Me: That's why I bought a step stool!


Me: :)

Her: So, I have someone I could send your way. He's super nice. But....

Me: But?

Her: How do you feel about ropes?
Like handcuffs.
I know some weird people.

Me: Have you read "The Marketplace?"

SOOO... can't decide which was more bizzare. My vote is for the guy that asked me for part of my lunch WITHOUT even offering me half of his pb&j.


Bill Wabbit said...
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Bill Wabbit said...

Hard choice, but the salad guy is definitely the weirder, though if the IM coworker had not read MHIBTY it might be odd that she took the rope leap...

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