Monday, September 20, 2010

One Cool Cat

My opinion on pets runs identical to my opinion on children; I love other people's. Just because I don't care to have my own doesn't mean that I dislike animals, but I prefer to be a fan from afar. Now, don't tell me to "not knock it until I've tried it" because I've had a pet or two and I guess I was never in a place to be a good "pet-rent" (New word???) because I didn't really enjoy, on a whole, the experience.

A few weeks ago my maternal grandmother was placed into a nursing home which left her cat homeless. Without going into the sordid affairs that surround my grandmother's story, my mom was held responsible for this cat. After all avenues were exhausted, she finally (in her very own endearing, passive way) asked me if "I knew ANYBODY that could take care of a sweet old kitty in the new apartment that they're moving into. All by themselves." That's a direct quote (almost).

I cracked. I folded. I was bribed.

And that is how I came to be a "pet-rent" to Sammy Davis Jr. And YES one of his eyes is a little Wonky.


MerciBlahBlah said...

awwwww - he is adorable. you will make a fantastic petrent - I KNOW it!!!


Bill Wabbit said...

Does petrent mean you also rent pets?

Natasha said...

Thanks Shan. The little box is WAY less gross than diapers x3. Plus, less duct tape involved.

Yes will, want to rent SDjr? :)