Sunday, October 3, 2010

Girl vs. Forks

There are many things I come by naturally. Wit, style and awesome hair are, without question, a few that come to mind first. Among that list, however, is NOT "A generally tidy personality." I have to work hard to maintain a neat space. My sense of order and neatness is something I am purposefully achieving. I have to consciously choose to be a tidy person.

I have to consciously choose to be the OPPOSITE of my mother. And I love my mother DEARLY. But my mom just is NOT organized. Nor does she care to be. She knows her weakness, and lives with it normally enough. In fact, tonight she told me that her coffee cup at work is a funny quip about how being unorganized is the smart way to be. She chuckled at herself.

My mom and dad, along with my aunt Pari, grandma Maheen and Cousin Ali came over to see the new place tonight. My dad had a small list of "Daddy please do." We had dinner follwed by tea with dessert. My cute little Iranian family.

I just came from the kitchen where I typically keep my silverware drawer in this condition.

This is a lifestyle I WANT to live, one that includes beautiful silverware drawers. They are clean, organized and not a complete cluster FUCK! of chaos.

My mom was in my house for less than 2 hours and left me with this.

.......nature versus nurture you guys.

Name all the kitchen utensils and I'll crochet you a custom scarf! Buttons optional.


Bill Wabbit said...

Hard to say -

Measuring cups
Measuring spoons
Vegetable Peeler
Can Opener

I give, I can't tell what the round thing is...

Natasha said...

You might win by default Will... what color you want???