Thursday, January 8, 2009


You guys have been very patient with me. That, or no one is reading, therefore it doesn't matter that it has taken this long for me to post pictures of my lovely scarves.

Either way, today is the day! Whee!!!
First is my "Tree" Scarf. I cannot place my inspiration exactly, but I remember that once I had made the scarf, I saw the need to, with needle point, put a tree on it.
I stumbled upon the Heirloom Stitch around Thanksgiving and after making a modification to the original pattern and then adding buttons, this is what I got (there are 2 scarves in the pics).

Then I started growing impatient/bored, so I started crocheting 2 different colors together....
I wanted to make a "pair" of scarves for one of my best buddies, Becky and her boyfriend. They both are awesome, so, in turn, their scarves had to be too.

This one was made for my Aunt Sally who is a Coca-Cola memorabilia collector. She wanted something inspired by that. And of course, there are the ever popular Button Scarves...

I hope they were worth the wait.


rubigimlet said...

fucking shit mhibty i am dying for that tree scarf. but mine in plum with a tree with orange leaves. uh, please? pretty please? seriously. LOVE.

Anonymous said...

could you do one that looks like a fox fur?
oooo - better yet - like a coon fur!

Natasha said...

Rubi, if you could get Afentra to give me Kings of Leon tickets I will make you the scarf TONIGHT and deliver it with a smile tomorrow morning. Otherwise, I can make it, but your request has to be processed the order in which it was received..... Which, I think puts you at #5 or 6.

And Jason, um, no.

Stevester said...

I would proudly rock one of those scarves. Can you make one with like a ninja or a snake eating a clown on it?