Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wildcard Weekend

I Lu-Huv football. And I love the playoff weekends because it's over 12 hours of coverage and well matched (for the most part) games. And for a girl without cable, (professional) football on a non-Sunday is a one time a year occurrence.

Not all my teams won, in fact... I think that Philadelphia was the only team I was "rooting" for that won, but that's ok. I've long ago come to terms with being unable to pick a winner. And maybe it doesn't help that I root for (or against) teams for reasons that only make sense to me.

For example

The Cardinals won over the Falcons. I wanted the Falcons to win because their quarter back, Matt Ryan, is HOT. Not exactly a science, but that is how I roll.

I wanted the Colts over the Chargers for a 2 reasons. #1 is that I hate the Chargers (their lone saving grace is Philip River's ass - Pop, Lock and Drop it Phil!) and #2 was I want SO BADLY for a Manning vs Manning superbowl. How cute would that be?

Dolphins versus Ravens. Sad. I SO wanted the Dolphins to be the comeback story of the century. I also don't like Ray Lewis. He's a meanie head.

That leaves us with the Eagles winning over the Vikings. The Vikings remind me of those really obnoxious Capital 1 commercials, so, yeah, no. I will not root for you. Plus, Jared Allen needs to calm the EFF down and be a better sportmans on the field. How many roughing the passer penalties does this guy have anyway?

1-3 starts are rough, but I think I'll be OK.

This weekend. ::sigh:: Yay. The first and second seeds will be at it and man, there should be some GREAT football to be had. I'll go ahead with my "picks."

Ravens vs Titans (3:30 Saturday on CBS)
Don't care. So, Go Titans.

Cardinals vs Panthers (7pm Saturday on FOX)
Out of loyalty to my sister, who lives in North Carolina, I'll go Panthers on this one. Besides, I didn't want the Cardinals to advance this far, so they can suck it for sending Matt Ryan home.

Eagles vs Giants (Noon, Sunday on FOX)
Go GIANTS! As alluded to above, I have soft spots for the Manning brothers. Eli, you might not have great command of the English language but you are an amazing quarterback. Plus, who need Plexico? You don't.

Chargers vs Steelers (3:45 Sunday on CBS)
Phillip Rivers is hotter than Ben Roesthlisburger. That isn't my pick, just an observation. If Big Ben is 100% I am leaning towards the Steelers, but the Chargers have nothing to lose, so, they'll play a good game.

I included the times of the games to let you guys know what I'll be doing those days at those times. Hopefully this will eliminate any conflict of schedules in case anyone wants to hang out. Megan, this is for your benefit especially so you can set up a date with you-know-who. Seriously. I mean, I truly only care about the Sunday games, so, if need be I'll be 100% available if a certain someone wanted to meet up with me.... say.... on Saturday night around 8?

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