Thursday, January 15, 2009

How is it the middle of January already?

Exciting news you guys! I have two official orders for scarves for CASH MONEY! I’ve decided that all profit will go into saving towards the down payment on my house…. I just need to sell, like, 1998 more.

So I opened an Etsy store.

Petites Jonquilles means Little Daffodils in French. And for those that don’t know, my first name is Farsi for Daffodil. PLUS the fact I’m a certificated Francophile brought me to the name. I mean, if it’s French – I am a fan. Toast, fries, presses, kisses, ticklers… the list goes on. You guys, I buy soap based on the sole fact it’s made in France. There was this one time I almost made out with a funky looking Canadian guy because he spoke French. Le Swoon.

In other news, if you live in my neighborhood….. WATCH OUT! Liz and I are going to be going door to door on Saturday collecting food for Harvesters. Or as our flyer said “The Belles of 39th Street will be canvassing the area for donations for our local Harvesters Food Bank.” It was brought to my attention that this weekend/Monday is National Day of Service Day in honor of MLK Jr. and I think it’s important that each and everyone of us practice, in some form, giving back and/or helping others. Even if that mean just opening your door and letting Liz and I raid your pantry.

I’ve decided that I’m NOT picking any more playoff games. Once again, I went 1-3 this past weekend. I really wasn’t kidding with #5 on my year in review. UGH! Wake me up when the Super Bowl gets here.

Lastly, for those concerned readers, I went back to O'Reillys and got the correct bulb. And I also made the guy change it for me.

Ok, actually, THIS is the last thing….

I cut my hair!!!!

This is “short” for me.

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rubigimlet said...

oh my goodness. if you would've told me you were cutting it -- i would've said NOOOooooooo.....! but i really love the length. very face-framing.