Monday, December 6, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Christmas is a great holiday because the weather is perfect for over eating, staying indoors and naps under layers of blankets. And don't get me started on the wrapping. I'm known to go effing insane with my some curly ribbon up in here. I love the carols. I love the plays & movies. I love the LIGHTS!

I have never not had a Christmas tree and this year, I couldn't stand the fact I didn't have one and the first week of December is drawing to a close, I did what I think a lot of crafty and resourceful ladies with a ficus tree would do.

You're thinking - "How Christmas-y is a ficus?"

It's a lot more Christmas-y than a pine tree, that's for sure. When was the last time you heard of an evergreen in Bethlehem?

That was frankincense and myrrh the Three Wisemen brought to little baby jesus in a manger, not Frankincense and a 6 foot Douglas Fir.
19 days until Christmas!

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