Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chaharshanbe Suri

It's finally here! Happy Chaharshanbe Suri, everyone! To translate, Happy "last evening before the last Wednesday of the year [solar calendar] that should be celebrated by jumping over a fire and then enjoying sweets and hot tea with your family" day. I'm so excited. The Iranian New Year (Norooz), is one of my more favorite Iranian traditions that my family celebrates. Third to only arranged marriages and ALWAYS cheating at card games.

To my parent's neighbors: please do not report us to the Department of Homeland Security. Thank you, Allah bless.


rubigimlet said...

i just found your blog. and yes, dammit, your hair IS better than mine. keep on with the bloggy goodness. i'm enjoying it very much thank you.

Natasha said...

Thanks & You're welcome! Congrats on the B-Max, she is beautiful (no surprise!).