Monday, March 24, 2008

T(rash) Bagging

Last evening, while checking out at the grocery store, I noticed that this particular mass retailer ::coughwalmartcough:: had for sale "reusable & recyclable" grocery bags that are made out of 85% recycled material. Freakin' sweet, right? Right. Because who needs 352 plastic bags shoved into 1 more of those plastic bags hanging off of her cupboard handle? Not this girl.

And since I know every small part is part of the larger one, I put 4 of them with my stuff to buy. And I put them at the front of my stuff. Now, dear reader, if you were the check out girl at Wal-, uh, I mean the grocery store - would you deduce that, indeed, the customer probably wanted to use these grocery bags at their present purchase? You would? Well then, you're not dumb enough to work at Wal-- fuck, er, the grocery store.

Riddle me this, how does it make sense to put these grocery bags INSIDE of a plastic bag and then put that bag in my cart? It doesn't. Which is why I took them out of the plastic bag (which, I'm not sure if she caught is the very object I am trying to not use anymore) and asked, nicely, for her to use the reuseable bag to bag my groceries.

You can take the trash out of the landfill...... but it just goes and works at Wal-mart.


Studio P Photography said...

LOLZ!!!1! I frikin love it when I hand them my reusable bags & they look at me like "what the heck is this about?" like I'm crazy for wanting to reduce the trash I take home.

Stevester said...

that's awesome. Just to really test her, you should have taken the bag with the recycled bags out of your cart and put it back up on the conveyor, and watch it blow her mind... "Should I put it in another bag? I dunno *Poof*"

sexyphone said...

you mean Walmarts

Natasha said...

Ah, Sexyphone, you are too right.