Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Say My Name

...and I wasn't even drinking!

Last night my awesome neighbor, Liz, and I went to our favorite watering hole, Fric & Frac. I can count on one finger the amount of times that I've been to Fric & Frac and have been sober. So, last night- when I hadn't even had one drop of alcohol- you can imagine my surprise (I'm beyond embarrassment at Fric and Frac) when I couldn't remember one of the waiters name. I know his name. I've talked to him many a times before using the correct name, but last night: no dice on remember his name. I thought I remembered his name so when he was like "Hey, what's up Natasha?" I thought I had everything under control when I responded with "Not a whole lot, Tyler."

Wrong. Very, very wrong.

Not Tyler. Liz knew his name wasn't Tyler. Random guy at the bar knew his name wasn't Tyler and apparently, Not-Tyler knew that his name wasn't Tyler. I couldn't play this one off.

Not-Tyler: "Yeah, that isn't my name."
Not-Cool: "Son of a bitch."
Not-Tyler: "Want to guess again?"
Not-Cool: "Not really"
Not-Tyler: "It rhymes is "Ared."
Not-Cool: "Oh! Hey, Sared, what's up?!"
Not-Tyler or Sared: ::walks away::

So you can put me down as not cool and not funny. And still single.


Studio P Photography said...

Aww! Sad moment for the memory bank.

Stevester said...

Someone was intrigued by the Tylester last Friday! He told me PBR got the ladies mesmerized, and I didn't believe him until I ordered one and saw one of the ladies at that table adjacent to us give me the sex eye, that stuff really works!

Liz said...

haha.. sorry, but it was funny for me.. and, i have to admit that i didn't remember his name right at that moment either, i just knew it wasn't tyler..

good times..

Natasha said...

Lynn - Yes very sad. I guess this goes to show that I should never be sober at Fric & Frac. Actually, no one should.

Steve - You saw me give you that?

Liz - As soon as I said it I knew it wasn't right. I appreciate you helping me out though. Oh wait. Never mind.

Stevester said...

Of course I saw that, that's why I switched to high life, to show you how classy I was, alas, it didn't work :(

Liz said...

you know i got your back.. sort of.. haha

though its not like i can go back in time yet and prevent the words from coming out of your mouth.. or think how many times i'd have done it already!

and, god, nothing makes me hotter than a man drinking high life.. it IS classy

Stevester said...

Who is this liz? My heart is all a-flutter! No we gotta get together and drink some more, I will bring the Tylester and just like last time we will leave our inhibitions at the door! Seriously though good times....

Natasha said...

Liz is my awesome neighbor friend!