Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So, in a move that even surprised ME, I gave my number to a guy Saturday night. And, for the record, it was a guy I met at a (dirty dive) bar. I only frequent this cesspool of an establishment for their cheap, cheap beer and pool tables, not for their "selection" if you know what I mean.

And now I am obsessing about NOT obsessing about it.

If I am doing my math correctly, society predicts that I will be receiving a call today, right? That's three days? Or will it be tomorrow since it was technically 2AM Sunday morning? PLUS, he asked for my number... doesn't that kind of guarantee that he'll call. He would not have asked for my number otherwise, right?

Or what if he has diarrhea of the mouth and couldn't stop himself from asking for it. That happens, right? People ask for other people's number without having the intention of ever calling them? Or maybe I am getting that confused with all the times I have given a guy my number, and they never asked for it, and didn't call.

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