Monday, November 22, 2010

$1 Peas

Amy Bo Bamy is awesome for A LOT of reasons. She ran a half marathon with me (in fact, she made me sign up in the first place!), has fantastic fashion sense (she is the reason why I love belts and a cinched waist) and always knows a good poop joke. Like I said, she is pretty dope.

On top of all of those accolades, she works with an organization that puts on baby showers for army wives/moms-to-be: Operation Shower. I don't have time to tell you how wonderful and generous the people behind this organization are - but I do have time to ask you to donate ONE dollar to the group. In fact, I have so little time, I'm just going to copy and paste Amy's email to me here....

"Peas to go here. Text and donate $1. Ask all your friends to. Facebook it. Pass it on. Peas. If we raise $5000 via the texting the company will match it! It has to be by 12/2. Can you hep spread the word? Blog about it and be entered to win $100, too.

And enter for those SWEET prizes, dude. I wish I could."

The way she purposefully leaves out the "l"s on certain words make her too adorable to refuse.

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