Monday, November 1, 2010

Fainting Spell

Does anyone have experience training a cat to dial 9-1-1? After the events of this morning I seriously need to look into this option. Seriously. Scared me shitless.

SO, I went back to the doctor on Friday. I was still sick and the coughing and sexy-phlegm was getting ridiculous. He ran a litany of tests and when the results came back, I officially had Strep Throat. Great. I took my prescription to the closest pharmacy and ran to the library while it was filled. Since I knew my entire weekend was shot, I rented every documentary they had on Hawaii. (Obsessed? Who?? ME???)

After changing into PJs and settling in on the couch somewhere around 7pm on Friday, I didn't do a whole lot of moving until this morning, when I got into the shower to get ready for work. I didn't feel 100%, but my cough was mostly gone and my throat hurt a lot less.

Half way through, I become really fatigued. This was the most strenuous thing I had done in days, so I wasn't necessarily surprised. Then came the lightheaded-ness. Weird. The short breath rally began to freak me out. Then the blurred, white-out vision completely took me by surprise. I hung onto one of the rails in the shower and bent/knelt over, trying to catch my breath. It worked for a minute and I stood back up.

Bad Move.

Vision went completely white and there was a THUD. I don't remember falling, but I remembering going "AHHHH" and then being crumpled up in the tub, when I came to I was sweating and shivering at the same time.

What. The. Fuck. Not cool. I was sufficiently freaked out and completely aware that I was all alone and wouldn't have been found for days if I had hit my head... and the only thing I could think of was that episode of Sex And The City where Miranda is freaked out by the thought of dying in her apartment and her cat eating her.

But the good news, not to scare any of you, is that I am feeling better and even though I spent the day "off" I feel more like myself and on the road the recovery.

I promise the Roadside Assistance Guy story is up next! Probably.

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Megan Channell said...

Dehydration is all I can think of...I've been really sick before, and took a hot shower to wash the "ick" off...and got lightheaded (didn't pass out). I figured it was just because I hadn't had enough fluids (you need 3X as many when you're sick) and the heat/humidity was too much. :( I would NEVER let your cat eat you...or I would do my best to try to avoid it. Glad you're feeling better though! :)