Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Scarf Proposal

I didn't have anyone to make a scarf for after I finished Stef's. I experimented with the double crochet... and that was fun and all, but it wasn't FOR someone. I really like it when I know I'm making it for someone specific. After John Scott complimented me on the scarf I was sporting I struck a deal with him. It went something like this:

Me: What if I made you a rad scarf to your color and size specifications and you gave me a couple of months membership for free?

John: Hells Yes. Surprise me!

And make him a rad scarf I did. This might-as-well-call-it-a-blanket BEAUTY is the most grand and large thing I have EVER crocheted. I'm glad he let me pick the colors because I already had two in mind. In addition to being the biggest thing I've ever made, it was also the first time I switched up color.

I'm proud that I finished before Spring arrived. Seriously. I clocked around 30 hours worth of needle and couch time with this bad boy. It was the perfect activity during my hibernation, but SO glad that it's done and delivered!

The Worlds BEST gym owner. EVER. He told me a story of when he had his first gym back in the day and Paul Rudd was a client of his (Paul is from around these here parts) and he approached Paul on the treadmill but ended up scaring/startling the sh!t out of him and almost had a bad fall. Oh that's right! He almost seriously maimed Paul Rudd and Clueless might never have happened.

LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT THING. And the craftsmanship was pretty dandy if I do say so myself.

Figured out why orange was one of the colors I picked yet?

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Pinkluvvr said...

LOVE it!! I'm a scarf addict! :)