Thursday, February 3, 2011

You Get What You Ask For

I am a staunch believer that if you need something, the universe will provide it for you. What is hard for me to explain is my definition of the word "need" in that statement. And sometimes I can't explain or reason to you the timing of how it works either; honestly, I don't know the real mechanics of the whole system but I BELIEVE that when I need something... the very next moment the universe is giving it to me. I've gotten both ipods and reality checks this way.

Before I left for Orchestra rehearsal earlier this evening I wondered if maybe having a better shoulder rest would improve how I hold the instrument. The guitar is the only instrument you can successfully play with bad posture, everything else requires that you stand or sit up straight. A fleeting thought that I was going to do more research on later.

Half way through practice Mr. Beck (the conductor), asked my stand partner if a shoulder rest that had been left behind ages ago was hers. It wasn't. It didn't belong to any of the other violinists either.

AND JUST LIKE THAT I was the proud owner of a really sweet shoulder rest. This new shoulder rest is like the Godiva Chocolate of shoulder rests. The Ben & Jerry's of shoulder rests. My old shoulder rest was a Hershey's Bar or frost bitten Blue Bunny Ice Cream at best.

Thanks Universe!

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