Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

There is no place like home. Coming home to a space with all your own comforts after a week is no match for spending time with family and friends. I am back after a multi-leg jaunt to North Carolina in which I spent time with a dear friend of mine, Danielle and then traveled 2 hours southeast to spend time with The Sis and The Nef. The trip had numerous highlights and quite a few amusing moments and I hope to be able to share all of them.

But tonight I want to tell you about Brian & Syble.

Brian was the suit sitting next to me on the plane to Chicago. Since it was late Friday afternoon and he wearing the aforementioned suit, I asked...

"So, it's Friday afternoon and you're in a suit. You're headed home, right?"

Sure enough, he was. He claimed Chicago to be the best city in the world and he answered all the questions I had about it: How cold does it get there? How big is it? What's the population? Have you ever seen Oprah??? Pretty Cold. Really Big. A lot and No. His answers were more detailed but I don't remember the specifics. He was friendly and like able, so the hour passed quickly.

Eventually I asked what he did and where he worked, he had mentioned he traveled a lot and for a pretty big company.

"Have I heard of the company you work for?"

"I hope so! Canon Printers and Cameras."

"OH! My camera is a Canon!" Proud and excited I pull it out of my bag to share a random connection that he and I have.

Except my camera is actually a Casio. So it was more awkward and a tad embarrassing.

"So, you don't care about having a quality camera."

I tried to back peddle about how I got a good deal, my camera needs are not that involved and that I just really liked the fuchsia color... he was buying none of it. He threatened to go get his boss in first class and have him chastise me.

It was all in good fun, though (I think).

On the way home I sat next to Syble on the hour and a half flight to Hotlanta. Syble was great in many ways, but probably the best way was that she had to be the fact that she has developed this deck of cards called "Money Habi-tudes" cards that are used to help people understand how they treat money and ways to improve their habit and attitudes about moolah and gain financial control of their lives. She was on her way to North Dakota to talk to the Catholic Diocese there, a group close to 100 people.

"And the best part is" she told me "is that I'm Jewish!"

OY VEY! Yes Syble, that IS the best part*.

*For the records, this does NOT make me a stereo-type believin' anti-Semitic. I adored Syble and I think the feeling was mutual. She encouraged me to keep practicing and striving to be better at my violin and gave me tips on how to take control of my budget and reach savings goal!

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