Friday, October 17, 2008

Well, THAT'S debatable.

I never wanted to be a political blog. I just wanted to become a READ blog. Since the latter ain't gonna happen any time soon, I'm going to, for today, talk a bit of politics.

So, the Presidential "debates" sucked. Carpool Buddy Kelly said it best when she vocalized her wish for Barack to turn to John and demand "Nigga PLEASE!" For how far from ordinary this election feels (or at least the media WANTS you to feel it is), it is the same elephant and donkey show from every other election past.

What I want to know is why the McPain campaign all wet for "Joes?" Joe-Six Pack? Joe the Plumber? Are they trying to make the comparison that just because Barack doesn't have a "white/American" name that he's a terrorist?

Oh, wait.... never mind.

Anyway, I like Barack's name. Y'all know my name is full of terrorist flavor, so I can sympathize with him... but also, let's take a look at all the fun new words and phrases we can come up with!

1. Obamaddicted
2. Barackonomics
3. Barack and Roll
4. Barack our with your c*ck out
5. Barack-y Road Ice Cream

But, that's enough politiking.

In less than 5 hours I am heading towards Pokes Territory with my home girls Stef and Liz. Stef is an OSU alumni and it's homecoming weekend in Stillwater, Oklahoma. We're not sure what is going to go down once we get there (seriously, we didn't even confirmed a place to stay, but we're bringing a tent just in case), but we're pretty much positive that it is going to be awesome. If my lawyers let me, I'll tell you guys all about it when/if I make it back.

Oh - and I just blew a fuse at work. Literally. I was microwaving soup and then toasted some bread. And blew a fuse. I wonder when I'll get employee of the month?


Sairen said...

My most-wanted line for this most recent debate: When Schaefer asked the candidates, basically, "Are you willing to say these things to each other's faces?" for them to do exactly that.
"Bob, yes I am. John, you're erratic, out of touch, and frankly, would be a completely incompetent president."
"Bob, I agree with my opponent. Barack, you're dangerous, inexperienced, and probably in bed with terrorists."

That's the debate I'm talkin' about.

Natasha said...

Maybe something like this?

D. said...

And don't let's forget Joe Camel! I personally think this could all be settled with a quick display of bedroom prowess (as I think MANY things could be settled). Which candidate is most creative in bed? Which candidate can get out of bed without assistance? Which candidate is most likely to survive the night in bed? Which candidate is least likely to wet the bed? I see these as essential questions....


GucciLittlePiggy said...

Heh! You said donkey show...

GucciLittlePiggy said...

Also, let's not forget:

Can you smell what Barack is cookin?
Barack the Vote