Monday, October 6, 2008

Ho Down

I've said it before, I'll say it again - I love Kansas City.

This past weekend was the American Royal. Cowboys Galore. Mmmmmmmm.

Guess how cool was it to get invited to a private party (under a BRIDGE) that has live music, free booze & beer and all the award winning BBQ you could ever eat. It was pretty effing cool.

I made lots of friends. I perfected my no-head-beer-pour from a keg. I learned A LOT about Rugby (who else is surprised to learn that KC has 5 (FIVE) rugby teams?). And I sighted a Black Whale Tail. What is a black whale tail you ask?

It, actually, is NOT this:

But rather, it is this:

This is not the actual one I sighted but you still get the idea. I, never knowning, when to expect the elusive creature to breech, didn't have my camera ready. You might argue if for that very reason, I should ALWAYS have my camera ready but I digress.

What made this particular Whale vulgarific was that she was old enough to be a cougar, wrinkly enough to be a shar pei, almost as orange as a goldfish and definitley drunk as a skunk.

Now you're REALLY upset I didn't get a picture of it.

She wasn't the only show of the evening, there was a fireworks display that was pretty awesome. I am a sucker for fireworks - especially the white ones that "rain" down. If I had to pick a firework to make out with, that would be the one.

And speaking of making out, have you ever made out with some one with a broken nose? It was nice because it didn't get in the way since it was off to the left, and the crook gave him character. Let me clarify a point real quick; his nose HAD BEEN broken and had healed before we met... So, yeah, I wouldn't want people to misunderstand me and start spreading rumors that my snout can cause scarring damage to your face if you kiss me. That would totally salt my game.

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