Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yo Mama is so Presidential

I cannot take credit for these, but I have to share...

Yo mama so fat, she authorized a $700 billion bailout of Dairy Queen.

Yo mama so fat, she thinks the G8 is a Value Meal.

Yo mama so fat, her other biography is called "The Audacity of Hardee's."

Yo mama so fat, the only Supreme Court verdict she wants to overturn is HomeTown Buffet v. Yo Mama.

Yo mama so fat, she thinks sub-prime is a steak cut.

Yo mama so fat, McCain refers to her as "Those Ones."

Your mama so fat, when they asked which menus she reads, she said "You know, all of 'em."

Yo mama's so ugly, Obama said "You can put lipstick on a pig and it would look like yo mama on dollar margarita night."

Yo moms so fat ACORN registered her to vote 3 times.

Yo moms so fat Russia can see her from their house.

Yo mama such a ho, the tab for the federal bailout plan is "700 billion dollars, plus fifty cents to have sex with yo mama."

Yo mama so stupid she tried to arrange the genres on her iPod to put Country First.

Yo mama so fat McCain gives patronizing air quotes when he talks about the "health of yo mama."

But "these ones" are mine... Enjoy!

Yo mama so fat she ate “my friends.”

Yo mama so dumb that she thought “The Bridge to No Where” was a Led Zeppelin album.

Yo mama is such a ho, when asked about her lackluster poll performance … she blamed the DJ that worked that night.

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1 comment:

Sairen said...

Yo mama so fat, she received campaign endorsements from McDonald's and Hardee's.

Yo mama so dumb, she thought "abuse of power" was last week's Springer episode.

Yo mama such a ho, she sent Joe the Plumber AND Joe Sixpack her phone number lookin' for a date.